Melt-through 「融解する絵画」
2013.9/16~ 9/28

「Melt through」というタイトルは、原子力発電所事故から取っている。

The title “Melt through” comes from the nuclear power plant accident.
Egoism is something that can’t be seen without other perspectives, and it’s exposed after something happens.
The “dining table” is a symbol of happiness, but at the time I felt the danger that even such an important thing could break down in an instant if I let my guard down. I tried to keep that kind of danger, the looming terror, in silence. The scenery of the dining table that he himself painted, the tradition of painting – still life paintings, he himself dropped water droplets and destroyed them. An attempt to portray the social conditions of the time through the conflict between creation and destruction.

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