Concept of Glaucus-series

In Glaucus-series, I will continue to make various works.
The concept of each work is summarized on each page, and the common concept is summarized on this page.グラウカス・シリーズについて

About the “Glaucus series”
Glaucus is also known as the Blue Dragon, a kind of the sea slug. It can eat Genus Physalia named “Portuguese Man O’ War” which is larger and has a stronger poison, and release this poison to opposes predators.
The motif of wearing pieces of glass overlaps the image of defending itself, just as Glaucus opposes predators with poison, also just like the larvae of the mayfly wear pebbles.
The work made by method, which covers the surface with crushed glasses and brings out the color tone of ultramarine blue, was named the “Glaucus series”.





Why did I subtitle it for “Women of fighting against”?
“Women of fighting against” are those who have something important other than herself and who can act to protect it. I feel a woman’s keen sense of balance that she may be able to fight against away from selfishness.
There are people who are fighting against for the sake of others, not fighting and not losing.
I wanted to send ale for them.

I’m a little tired of the fight that man often does to deny, reject, and eliminate his opponent.
Especially after Covid-19, from the viewpoint of survival, it looks for selfishness and self-protection only.
I think the environment surrounding Women of fighting against is not easy. Men’s society avoid Women of fighting against, and non-resist men and non-resist women also avoid them.
Furthermore, the ridicule Women of fighting against becomes a sympathetic pressure that makes people who want to raise their voices hesitate, and suppresses their voices.

From now on, society and individuals are likely to reach a turning point that will change drastically.
The direction of managing people has also become stronger, and among them, there may be people who cut off those who are in a difficult position, called natural selection.
I am afraid that the future will turn into a murderous society.

For a coexisting society, I respect women’s sense of balance, ability to care and judgment based on survival. For a coexisting society, we need people who fight against away from selfishness.
Glaucus is a small creature.
And it is natural and necessary to eat poison and protect itself with poison.
I want Women of fighting against to wear armor that protects themselves.
I put such a small wish in subtitle.

ティアラ No.1 グラウカス・シリーズ  Tiara No.1  Glaucus Series