公開制作 :1月11日~14日・1月25日~28日


The theme is painting.
Expressing the overlap of time and space by repeating simple tasks under the rule of “painting horizontally”. “Horizon” is the point of view of each person, where everyone seems to be looking at the same thing, but where they are standing and at different heights. Isn’t depth more than deviance, more than quantity, more than counters, more than ideologues, that engraves meaning into matter? The title contains the intention of confronting the horizon that should be headed from each perspective.

1・左側 木枠と綿布という「絵画」らしい材料を使っているが、布と木枠の「ずれ」具合が、それぞれのパネルの形を決定している。布の張力だけで、歪みもそのままに成形した。
2・右側 紙を使った「絵画」。支持体は壁。壁に貼り付けた部分に対して、貼り付けていない部分が、水による膨張によって立体化する。
3・中央 日常物によって組み立てた「絵画」。机と椅子を支持体にし、半透明の布地を張り巡らせて成形した。公開制作として、毎日、外の道路で埃を掃き集め、それを絵具として24回塗り重ねた。

1・Left side The materials used are wooden frames and cotton cloth, which are typical of “paintings”, but the degree of “misalignment” between the cloth and wooden frames determines the shape of each panel. It was molded with only the tension of the cloth, and the distortion was kept as it was.
2. Right side “Painting” using paper. The support is a wall. The part that is not attached to the wall becomes three-dimensional when it expands with water.
3. Center: A “painting” assembled from everyday objects. Using a desk and a chair as supports, a translucent fabric was stretched around to create a shape. As a public production, I swept up the dust on the road outside every day and painted it 24 times.


The only thing they all have in common is horizontal layering. The reason why I took up the orthodox theme of deviation of “painting” is that it should be possible to achieve depth through action without relying on methodology. In other words, isn’t methodology an old-fashioned authority? It is also a criticism.



公開制作 :1月11日~14日・1月25日~28日

Cleaning starts from Akiyama Gallery and proceeds to Meiji-dori. I sweep every day, sometimes get a voice of thanks. Large objects such as cigarette butts were concentrated and used as soil paint. The fabric turned dark brown and turned opaque.
Public production: January 11-14, January 25-28